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Not Saving for Retirement?

4 Things to Know

It's never too early to start saving

The thought of retirement may be just a blip on your radar in a galaxy far, far away. In the meantime, you have places to go, people to see, and bills to pay. But retirement isn’t just about sitting in a rocking chair and reminiscing about the good ole’ days, it’s about having enough money or resources in reserve, to do what you want to do. Even if what you want to do is exactly what you’re doing now.

It's never too late to start saving

Perhaps you have already given up — maybe you surrendered to the idea that you’ll just continue to work. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to continue to work. Starting late will likely make it harder to achieve the results you want. You may have to save more than if you had started at a younger age, and you won’t benefit as much from time in the market, compound interest, or an employer match. But something is better than nothing.

You don't have to have a plan at work to save

Studies show that middle class workers are 15 times more like to save for their retirement at work than on their own. But you don’t have to have a plan at work to save for retirement. There are a number of options to save for your retirement outside of an employer-sponsored plan. You may even be eligible for a little extra help from the federal government via the Saver’s Credit. Pay yourself and your future first, through convenient automatic deductions from your paycheck, or drafts from your checking account.

Use your plan at work

If you have a retirement plan at work, use it! The best employer-sponsored plans provide a matching contribution, the convenience of payroll deduction, and access to a diverse menu of investment options pre-screened by qualified fiduciaries who have an obligation to lookout for your best interests. At a minimum, you should contribute an amount sufficient to receive the full employer match – this is free money… guaranteed!

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