• The Balance Between Spending Too Much and Living Too Little...

    It all starts with a plan

  • What's important to you? --- Where do want to go? --- Where are you now?

    You are unlike anyone else – how you spend your time, how you manage your resources, and what goals and activities you choose to pursue. Your decisions often reflect your values and priorities. That's why we use a holistic process to ensure we understand and act on what is most important to you.


    The fundamental purpose of financial planning is to help you use, manage, and direct your resources towards what matters most. With so many variables and an ever changing economic landscape, the evaluation and decision-making process is critical to help you achieve your objectives. We know what to expect and are familiar with many of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. It's this experience, when combined with discipline and structure, that allows us to plan and guide you effectively.

  • Be financially independent


    Pay less income taxes


    Increase cash flow


    Organize your finances


    Protect what matters most to you and your family

    Leave a legacy to future generations


  • Life changes. So does your financial life. Financial planning is a process, not a destination. Our process approach serves a critical role in clarifying your goals, educating you on the options available to you, and putting you in charge of your direction.


    Combining vision and action, our financial planning process provides a 360-degree view of your financial picture and includes everything from cash flow planning to retirement planning, from minimizing debt to understanding the tax consequences of various decisions, from funding your child’s education to determining how much insurance you might need.


    By understanding how all the components integrate with each other, we will work together toward sound decisions and a road map to your desired destination.


  • The concept of retirement has evolved greatly over the last fifty years. We are living longer, perhaps retiring earlier to pursue other passions and staying more active. Fewer of us have traditional pensions and we are increasingly responsible for providing our own income in retirement, a period of our lives that may well last thirty years or more.


    The questions related to your retirement can be overwhelming and intimidating. Not only the “when” or “will I have enough,” but also the “what will it look like?” Whether you are a long way until retirement or are already retired, you want to know how long you can sustain your desired level of spending and what changes need to be made.

    A plan for the future helps you relax today

    We are here to help you in all phases of your journey for support and peace of mind. We combine our expertise with advanced technology to create "what if" scenarios to help answer your financial questions now through retirement and beyond. Scenario planning helps to understand trade-offs, identify needed changes, chart a course of action, and be prepared for potential roadblocks. We will:

    • Review anticipated expenses and income during retirement and create plan to eliminate shortfall
    • Identify your sources of retirement income and calculate the savings required for you to retire at a specific age and achieve your desired lifestyle
    • Create strategies for preserving and growing retirement account balances and determining distribution amounts
    • Evaluate the timing of Social Security benefits to determine when to apply
    • Review pension survivor options to determine appropriate choice
    • Develop a backup plan that responds to unpredictable and unfortunate events, such as death, disability or long-term care
  • When it comes to investing, your chief enemy is likely to be yourself. As humans, we are biologically wired to be poor stewards of our own money. Multiple studies illustrate that over time, the average investor significantly underperforms the markets due to human behavioral tendencies. Many individuals make investment decisions in isolation and buy high and sell low as the emotions of greed and fear win over discipline and long-term planning.
    We bring insight from the outside to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions, by being available to consult with you at key moments and doing the research necessary to ensure you have all the information.

    Fees matter

    Imagine giving up 30% or more of your future nest-egg to excessive fees and underperforming the market by more than 50% of the time. Sadly, studies show that most investors are doing just that.
    Consider this: a reduction in annual fees can result in your money lasting 10+ years longer in retirement!
    We help you to uncover fee savings, improve returns, and put more money in your pocket.

    Objectivity, insight and expertise from someone who has your best interests in mind

    Investing is more of a science than an art. We ascribe to the decades of research performed by Nobel Laureates, not the latest whims of the talking heads on TV. We believe that making decisions based on evidence rather than predictions will give you best odds of success. Therefore, our focus is on building evidence-based portfolios in alignment with your goals and objectives.
    You may think that it is a standard operating procedure within the financial profession to invest in this fashion, but it's not. Simply put, biases, limitations in knowledge and resources, emotions, marketing tactics, compensation models and business models can all interfere with this objective being achieved. We will:

    • Assess your risk tolerance and capacity
    • Evaluate your investment assets and determine how you can best meet your financial needs and goals
    • Develop a investment approach that meets your short- and long-term financial goals
    • Evaluate the best ways to use, manage and protect your resources
    • Review strategies for tax-efficiency
    • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the full range of investment options recommended
    • Evaluate and monitor your investment performance and expenses
  • Does your annual meeting with your tax preparer sometimes seem like damage control?
    The fact is, virtually every financial decision has some tax implication. Meeting with your tax preparer months after the tax year finishes may be too late for effective tax planning.
    Unlike most financial services firms, our advisors are licensed to provide tax advice. A continuing education requirement keeps us up to date about constantly changing tax laws so we can provide prudent, year-round tax advice. This allows us to customize strategies that may realize significant reductions in tax liability over your lifetime. We can:

    • Design strategies you can follow throughout the year to reduce your taxes, save money and achieve a smoother tax preparation process
    • Clarify the impact of the latest tax laws, legislation and IRS rules on your tax liability
    • Identify the long- and short-term tax consequences of your spending, investment and other financial decisions, and advise you on the steps you can take to reduce your future tax liability
  • When you hear the words “estate plan,” you probably think of the sensationalized courtroom battles that happen between the heirs of celebrities or business tycoons vying for an inheritance worth millions. In real life, however, good estate planning is actually what helps eliminate all that drama. And it’s not reserved for the old and wealthy—it’s important for people at every income level who want to help protect their finances and avoid future conflict between family members.


    Guidance from a competent, experienced advisor can go a long way toward helping make sure your financial success is shared with your family, friends and the charitable organizations you designate, according to your wishes. We will help you articulate your estate planning goals and work closely with your tax and legal advisors to ensure your financial plan reflects your estate planning needs. We will:

    • Review wills, trusts, retirement plans and other estate planning documents
    • Develop a strategy that fulfills your goals while preserving assets, reducing tax liability and providing for sufficient liquidity
    • Explain different methods of property title, transfers, tax rules, the impact of current and possible future changes in rules and regulations
    • Recommendations for management of assets and to meet individual circumstances including incapacity, special needs, blended families and second marriages
    • Collaborate with your other advisors (i.e. attorney, accountant, etc.)
  • Effectively managing your personal finances can be key to more rewarding endeavors of life. We can help you with cash flow management strategies that protect your financial well-being. We can:

    • Review of current income, debts, monthly spending, and savings goals
    • Devise practical strategies that help you stay on budget, contribute to your savings goals, and reduce debt
    • Ensure that your budget is flexible enough to accommodate the good, the bad and the unexpected in your life
    • Evaluate the impact to your budget for major acquisitions or financial goals
    • Help monitor and revise your budget as necessary so you can create a system that meets your goals as well as your lifestyle
    • Automate income and expense tracking, monitoring, and record keeping
    • Improve your peace of mind about your financial health as you deal with life’s uncertainties
  • Entering into an advisory relationship is an important decision that has significant lifelong implications. For this reason, we offer a no-charge, no-obligation introductory consultation in person, by phone, or online. During the consultation, you will meet with a seasoned Certified Financial Planner™ to discuss what is important to you. If we're in a position to help you and we're a good fit, we'll provide you with a written proposal that outlines what you can expect from our relationship. And because we're fee-only fiduciary advisors, you can be assured that you will receive 1) real advice and planning, never a sales pitch; 2) a prudent process; and 3) a holistic approach to your situation.

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